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Seven Wedding Rings Trends for 2017

Fashion-forward brides know that there’s more to wedding rings than a simple gold band. While this is the traditional look, others brides may opt for a piece that fits their personal aesthetic. Since this is a piece of jewelry that is worn every day, it makes sense to choose something the wearer adores. Here are a few of the most exciting new trends for this meaningful piece of jewelry for 2017 and beyond.

1. Rose Gold
This romantic metal has been a runway staple for a few years now. These wedding rings recently gained traction when Lauren Conrad chose this option. Rose gold is a welcome alternative to the standard silver or gold. As a bonus, the warm hue is flattering on most skin tones. Couples can use it alone or mix it with other metals for a popular two-tone effect.

2. Pave Diamonds
Brides and grooms alike can add sparkle to an otherwise dull band with pave diamonds, tiny stones set close together and covering either the surface of the band or just specific areas as an accent. While white diamonds are a perennial favorite, other colors and stones are becoming popular as well.

3. Stackable Bands
These thin diamond bands are designed to be worn one on top of the other along with the engagement ring. Some couples opt to purchase several stackable bands at once, while others add to their collection to commemorate special occasions like an anniversary or the birth of a child.

4. Five-Stone Setting
Although eternity bands were once the hottest trend for newly married couples, they can also be expensive. Five-stone versions are a simpler, elegant alternative that features five stones centered on a plain band. Perfect for brides with a more refined aesthetic. Those who still prefer an eternity band may want to look at shared-prong settings, which increase the brilliance of the diamonds by minimizing the metal while still holding the stones securely in place.

5. Vintage-Inspired Styles
Some retro-style brides may opt for actual vintage pieces. Others may choose modern versions of old favorites that incorporate elements from classic styles of years past. To get this look, shop for delicate detailing like minimal scrolls, filigree engraving, and delicate raised edges.

6. Spacing Between Bands
Tradition once dictated that space between the engagement ring and wedding band was to be avoided at all costs. Some brides would even weld their sets together. These days, space is sought after, with fashionable ladies looking to replicate the look popularized by Mariah Carey. Avoid a matched set when looking for an eclectic style to turns heads.

7. Unusual Materials
Shiny gold, silver, and platinum metals have long been the law of the land when it comes to wedding rings, but these days there are more materials than ever from which to choose. Think wood, stone, and even bone, along with traditional metals with the unusual twist of a matte or textured finish. These are especially popular when it comes to the groom’s ring.

Reasons to Hiring a Car for Your Wedding

There are many plans you can make for your wedding, and one to consider is wedding car hire. While this isn’t a necessity, it is a nice touch for any style or theme of wedding. There are plenty of types of vehicles to pick from. You can rent them for a short period of time or the entire day. It can be a fun way to get to the wedding location, to the reception, and back home.

Wedding Party

One of the reasons to look at wedding car hire is for your entire wedding party. Getting everyone together is so much easier when you have a larger vehicle. It also allows the bride and groom to be with everyone rather than in a separate vehicle. Depending on the wedding attire, the dresses may not fit well in a typical car seat. This can take care of such complications.

Family and Out of Town Guests

You may wish to consider wedding car hire for immediate family and special out of town guests. They will appreciate you going out of your way to offer this for them. They will feel very much a part of your special day. If they have worked to help you with the plans and getting ready then this is also a way to say thank you.

You may have family or friends who can’t drive due to disabilities. They may struggle to get around without help. They can benefit from a car coming to pick them up and take them back home again. They will love being able to enjoy the event with you. Such offers are generous and very easy to set up.


Not everyone is going to be familiar with the directions to get to the wedding location or the reception. With a wedding car hire, they don’t have to worry about it. They can have the transportation they need. They just need to know when and where they will be picked up. The rest is taken care of for them.

Depending on the locations for your wedding and reception, parking may be a struggle. There may not be enough room for all of the vehicles bringing your guests and wedding party to the events. You don’t want to fight for parking or have to walk a long distance to get to your destination.

With wedding car hire, you can cut down on such issues. The driver of the car will be able to take those inside to the front doors. They will also be able to use that location when it is time to pick them up. It is a great option to think about when you have limited parking and you are worried about how it will play out.


It isn’t uncommon for alcohol to be part of wedding receptions in an effort to celebrate. The presence of wedding car hire can ensure people have a safe way to get home when they are ready to go. You don’t want to put a damper on your special day by anyone getting in trouble for drinking and driving or causing an accident. Offering your guests a safe way home is optional.

Yet it can be one of the most responsible things you can provide for them. You don’t want to be worried about how people get home. Even if they aren’t drinking, there may be guests who arrive together but one isn’t ready to go when the rest are. They can get a ride through the cars you have hired for the event.

Exclusive Ideas for Winter Wedding Decorations

If someone asks me to choose a wedding season, Winter is the most romantic and cuddling season for the weddings, now it’s coming. It’s a most approaching season for the beautiful fairy tale wedding decorations. It’s the time for celebrating festivals, holidays and planning a wedding would undoubtedly be a great idea. The evergreen accents, pine-cones, cranberries, cozy knitting with red and white color pallets will add exclusive features to the wedding decorations. From the decorations of the pine-cones to the aisle ceremony everything spreads a cozy feeling in the venue.

We can use different accessories and items to decor the venue according to a winter wedding theme:

Wood and wooden frames
Wood & Wooden frames can be used as sign boards, wedding cards, the guest book stands, to show the guest list, as centerpieces in reception, to hold the candles and cakes etc. These things are associated with barn and rustic theme weddings.

Evergreen accents and pine-cones
Pine-cones can be decorated as centerpieces with the candle jars, evergreens can also be used in the aisle ceremony, wedding receptions, wedding cards, in decorating guest chairs etc.

Red & white pallets and bells
In a winter wedding, red and white pallets signify the divine opulence of festive season. Bells and ribbons can be used as centerpieces and in decorating chairs and tables. These accessories are essential for a Christmas wedding theme.

Christmas theme in winters
Add white and red color apparels in decorating the venue, white snow, and red flowers can be added to decorate the wedding aisle. The berry fruits can be used to give an extra ordinary touch to your reception table and menu bar.

Candles and jars
Candles will add the cozy and romantic touch to your wedding. Candle and jars can be used for lighting purpose as well as the beautiful centerpieces.

Decor the barn venue with vaulted ceiling, are the romantic choices. The simple design and wintry vibe give an extraordinary divine grace to the wedding.

Let your baker know about the wintry theme, inspire him to bake a snowy and wintry theme cake to captivate attraction of your guests.

A tree lined the aisle with a lot of gleaming candles and snow falling theme will provide a whimsical and charming look to the wedding.

Winter fiber, pine cones, cotton balls and evergreen accents are used in making winter wedding bouquets.

Try to intricate metal tree centerpieces with crystal garlands, white flowers, candles to style up your wedding.

Whitish furry and glittery table cloths with the gleam of candles enhance the beauty of the venue.

Try to add evergreen accents and pine needle sprigs to your seating and chairs. These creative cards are simply made for fun.

Try different snowy and wintry ideas and style up your winter wedding decorations exclusively.

Tips for Having a Beach Wedding

Getting married is most girls’ ultimate dream and to be able to have it on the beach would make it all that much sweeter. The one drawback of wanting a beach wedding is that you may have to get special permission to do so. Make sure that you check the local laws before you start to plan your ideal beach wedding. You will also need to keep in mind the safety and comfort of your guests and wedding party, especially if a guest has to use a wheelchair or a walker because it would be hard on then to get close to the wedding when it is going to be held on the sand. You also need to consider the weather because no one can predict if it is going to be rainy or extremely warm. You should have an alternative venue in case of these problems. At a beach wedding having formal wedding attire might need to be changed to casual dress. You would also have to consider where the reception is going to be held so it is not too far from the wedding site.

Most often, these types of wedding are simple to pull off, especially a small wedding party and guests but as mentioned if it is a large wedding you may need a permit. When you are asking about a permit for your beach wedding, you or the wedding planner should double check the regulations and rules of the beaches. Some beaches will not allow you to make a lot of noise or build a fire, if you wanted to have a bonfire. You will also need to find out how late you are allowed to remain on the beach if your wedding is held late in the day.

One of the dangers of having a beach wedding is the hot sun. Two of the problems are sunstroke and sunburn. If you are having a short wedding ceremony and holding the reception indoors then this should not be much of a problem. If you plan to hold your reception outdoors on a pavilion or open area rented for the reception then you need to make sure that there are umbrellas over the tables to give the guests reprieve from the sun. You should also have sunscreen available and make sure there is plenty of water to drink.

Even if you are holding an indoor reception, have a beach themed dinner such as having barbecue, baked beans, and other dishes that go with this menu. You could even have the reception hall decorated with a beach theme. Kept the dress code casual and invite the guests to dress in beach clothes like summer dresses, casual shirts and slacks, Casual T Shirts and sandals.

Best Wedding Entertainment Options For Big Weddings

The best wedding entertainment options may not include big bands that play traditional music, but we’ll let you decide that after you see some of our great selections. Making the decision to hire a band shouldn’t end in over the top stress attacks, but if you’re not sure what to do, you may be struggling. That’s why we offer great entertainment solutions for weddings of all sizes.

The bigger the wedding, the bigger the band?

Perhaps not… Let’s consider what your wedding reception style is, before we pick the best wedding entertainment for you.

Formal – Ball room style dancing, formal or black tie attire, evening wedding.

Semi-Formal – Indoor usually, semi-formal attire, may be afternoon or evening reception.

Casual – Indoor/outdoor, semi-formal to casual attire, afternoon reception.

As they imply a variety of dress codes, these wedding styles also imply a variety of band options.

Best options for a Formal Wedding Reception – include a Big Band Era, Swing Band, String Quartet, Classic Ensembles, Latin or Salsa, or Orchestra – specialties might include a theme or musical era with selected music options. One of my favorite options is to hire a Big Band for the music and add lookalikes for some variety in music selections and entertainment options. Not everyone will be dancing, so having a variety of entertainment can make the formal reception more fun for everyone.

Best options for a Semi-Formal Wedding Reception – include Latin or Salsa, String Quartets, Jazz Bands, Swing Bands, or Show Bands featuring themes, more modern music, and specialty tribute artists, or specialty acts.

Best Wedding Entertainment for Casual Receptions – include specialty acts, String Quartets, Specialty Tribute Artists or bands featuring indoor/outdoor option themes, more sing-a-long music, softer music for strolling or dancing on smaller dance floors might be included.

The bigger the wedding, the bigger the band? Feature bands with artists who sing well known covers, a cover band, or a 10 piece ensemble that offers more options might be a better band selection for the big wedding. Or a few string quartets entertaining in different areas of the reception? Hiring an event planner, or music agent to help you plan your wedding reception offers better choices.

One of the more successful wedding receptions I remember was a house party reception where the bride had hired four different bands to play in different areas of the house, gardens, and barn – turned ballroom. The early part of the reception was decidedly casual to semi-formal, but later in the evening when the lights came up in the ball room, the four bands came together as one ensemble and ball room dancing went long into the night.

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Planning for the big day is a stressful time and finding a wedding venue is one of the hardest decisions a couple has to make. Finding a location for the event that accommodates the perfect theme, achieves the desired look, and provides the necessary amenities is tough. Here are five tips to help narrow down the venue list.

Figure Out a Budget

Picking a place to host the ceremony without having a very firm budget is never a good idea. Before touring spaces and meeting with owners, the bride and groom need to figure out how much they can afford to spend. Venues’ costs vary greatly, depending on location, amenities, and included rentals-think tables, chairs, and linens.

Date or Location-Which Matters Most?

Some couples select a wedding venue based on available dates. If they have a specific date in mind, or are working around other commitments, the times available matter more than the space itself. Before deciding on a location, figure out if the date of the wedding or the location of the ceremony is more important. The more flexible the couple can be on their date, the more choices they’ll have.

Pick a Location Before Choosing a Theme

One of the most common mistakes engaged couples make is picking a theme before finding a place for the ceremony and reception. The space for the ceremony often dictates which themes are appropriate. Remember, most spaces are unwilling to change the paint color on their walls or the underlying decor of a room just because the bride has already chosen colors that clash with their facility’s design. Know the space before deciding on wedding colors and themes. That way, the location will enhance the theme rather than detract from it.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Outdoors

Decorations and flowers are one of the more expensive parts of a wedding. Choosing a place for the ceremony that makes use of landscaping and natural views can dramatically reduce the cost of decorations. Well-designed courtyards, gardens, and natural areas provide a beautiful backdrop full of elements that naturally draw the eye. Rather than spending hundreds on floral arrangement, make use of these elements.

Know the Guest Count

Don’t worry about turning guests away because the space is too small. Before committing to a wedding venue, have a firm idea of the number of guests that will be attending. Some locations can accommodate hundreds of guests, while others can only accommodate 20 or 30 people. Your chosen place does not always set the numbers; the local fire marshal determines how many people can safely occupy a space at a given time. Anything over that amount makes the space uncomfortable, puts the venue at risk for fines, and, in the event of an emergency, can make the situation more dangerous.

8 Reasons to Book a Resort for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. It can drain you financially and emotionally if there is no help at hand. Every couple’s dream is to make their wedding as unique as possible so that their guests will remember the event for years to come. To plan a dream wedding, one has to invest a lot of time and energy into it. A simple way to make sure you get an unforgettable experience is by organising your wedding in a resort. We list out 8 reasons why a resort might be the ideal place for your celebration.

Suitable rooms

Venues with guest accommodations have some major advantages. And it doesn’t matter whether your wedding is a one day affair or a three-day event or whether the guests are going to stay there for a night or for an extended respite. You can cut down on the transportation cost since the event is happening at the very place you and your guests are staying. You will also get a lot of time to relax and enjoy. Since the resort staff will be at your beck and call you can be sure that your guests are cared for throughout their stay.

All under one roof

When you host your wedding at a resort, all the vendors will be in one place and they will be coordinated by the resort staff. The catering, linens, tables and chairs, and bar service will be taken care of and you will be stress free. You don’t have to worry before, during and after the big day. Since the vendors and the entire bridal party are stationed at one place, there will be no room for errors.

Pre-wedding pampering

If you want a little bit of pre-wedding pampering, you can do it at the resort. You and your guests can go for spa services; you can enjoy beauty treatments until it’s time to get dressed for the big event. After the wedding you can even book a couples message and unwind.

Rain plan

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, the weather won’t always be accommodating. However, resorts will have multiple venues on the premises. So in case if the rain plays spoilsport, they will have a back-up plan and you don’t have to worry about it.

A certain level of excellence guaranteed

When you book a resort you get access to their experienced staff. They are trained to handle all kinds of big events. They will welcome your guests and provide them delicious food and outstanding service. In short, when you organise your wedding in a resort you are assured of a certain level of excellence.

Pre and post wedding activities

You can really impress your guests by organising pre and post wedding activities. This will also give them a chance to mix and mingle and have a good time. You can plan some indoor and outdoor activities. The morning after, consider a relaxing dip in the pool or a game of golf or badminton.

Thrilling add-ons

Resorts often offer exciting extras like organising the rehearsal dinner in a cruise. Check with the resort if they can add something exciting to your package for additional charges.

A unique location for each event

A wedding involves not just the ceremony and reception. You will have small events like the rehearsal dinner, and brunch after the wedding. In a resort you get to host each event at a separate venue. You can have a waterfront ceremony, a tented reception, and finally the post-wedding brunch at a restaurant. Look what all options are available before you book a resort.

Easy Tips For Hiring a Professional Photographer For a Wedding

In a wedding, there are quite a number of things that have to be finalized. You need to check the flower arrangements, the music and the cake among other things. You have complete control over how these things will look. However, you cannot control what the photographs will look like. More importantly, it will not be possible to ensure that the photos look exactly like the way you want it to. As such, you will have to make sure that you are hiring the right professional wedding photography Sydney agency. Here are a few tips that can help you out with that.

Consider the Style First

Even before you start researching photographers, you will have to first determine what style of photography you will prefer. After all, photographers tend to specialize in a particular style. Of course, you will have to know about the different styles before you can hire the photographer.

The documentary style involves capturing pictures that are spontaneous or candid. As such, there are no poses involved in these photos. As the name suggests, the portraiture style is defined by portraits. If you enjoy the classic portraits, you will enjoy this style. The fine art style may seem similar to documentary photography. However, the photographer gets to enjoy a greater artistic license. In other words, they are able to take photos that are gorgeous and dramatic.

Don’t Forget Your Homework

You should always check the reviews about the photographer before hiring him or her. Check out the site of the photographer and go through their galleries. This will help you get a better idea about the style of the photographer.

Contact Them Personally

Unlike other vendors, you should never end up contacting the photographer solely through the phone. You need to set up a meeting. After all, the other vendors might not be there on your wedding. However, the photographer will remain with you the whole day. Sometimes, they will be right by your side. You must be comfortable with having them around. Otherwise, your photos will reveal your discomfort. A meeting will help you assess their personality and check whether you share a good rapport.

There is another reason why you need to meet the photographer personally. For the wedding, you may have certain shots in mind. The photographer needs to be made aware of these shots so that preparations can be made accordingly. You can also have a discussion about the final wedding album. Of course, this discussion can also be conducted after you have hired the person.

Confirm the Photographer

In many cases, the photographer whom you met and talked with might not be the one who actually takes the photos during your wedding. This is typically the case when you have hired a photo studio. They will usually send the photographer who is available. Even individual photographers might be accompanied by another shooter. As such, you need to check that the photographer you have hired is the one that will come to your wedding.

Elements that Complete a Wedding

It’s the amalgamation of various small and big events that make the life colorful and meaningful. The wedding is one such major event that makes your life more special. And to make your wedding meaningful, you need to include a variety of elements.

Let’s see some major elements that make a wedding complete and unforgettable.

Photo booths

A set of photographs makes sure that the fun moments from your wedding stay in the memory forever. With a photo booth, you don’t have to put extra efforts to make sure that each guest is delighted, as this feature will automatically entice most of the people attending the wedding. There are some companies that offer designer booths to make your special day more exciting.

DJ entertainers

A DJ entertainer is not only responsible for playing some amazing music but also makes sure that every guest gets entertained through interactive sessions. Basically, it is the creative involvement of the DJ that makes sure that the guests feel more appreciated and welcomed. Some DJ service providers also offer LED dance floors and interactive dance floors on a rental basis for weddings.

Ethereal invitations

The kind of invitations you send to the guests give the essence of what kind of wedding it is going to be. Make sure to use your creativity to make it as exciting as possible. Also, do not forget to include all the necessary details in a vivid manner.

Elegant flowers

Flowers are an inevitable part of the wedding used for different ceremonies and decoration purpose. To add the layers of elegance in your wedding, you can have a wedding arch with pink flowers or floral canopy having pale blooms. Autumnal floral arrangements are also a great choice to embellish your wedding venue.

Great food

It is the delectable food from the wedding menu that makes the wedding more special. You can include some exciting food items for the wedding menu, including bite-sized pizzas, giant donuts, chicken waffles, and mini tacos, to name a few. You must also ensure that the menu is created by keeping in mind the common food allergies and restrictions related to diet.

If you are limited on the budget, you can take support of your own cook and consider the option of food stations.


Therefore, make sure to include a blend of these elements for the most exciting celebration called marriage. If you are looking for a DJ entertainer in Pennsylvania, you can rely on Rhythm System. This firm also offers interactive dance floors to make the wedding function more thrilling and memorable.