I Overdo Things, but at Least I’m Not Crazy

I figured I would get one of those exercise videos to work out to at home in the mornings before work. I had not renewed my gym membership. Not that I was going all the time anyway. I would show up maybe twice per week for for anything aerobic. At home I figured I could really hit it hard without any worry of embarrassment. However, I felt my back pop at peak intensity, and ended up the same day at my chiropractor in Santa Barbara. I always have a way of overdoing things thinking I can get it all in at one time.

I stay up too late during the week and sleep in for too long on the weekends. And why only use a half teaspoon when a full teaspoon is better? I cannot seem to stop myself from overdoing anything. I realize when I am being an idiot, and I go ahead and do it anyway. My mom, the psychologist, says I have poor impulse control. I told her I have no impulses to be a lawbreaker. I do not text and drive or even drive fast, but legal stuff I overdo. The last time I needed a chiropractor was going on an impromptu 30 mile hike on a mountain trail with friends. Before that it was painting the entire exterior of my house in a single weekend with time left over to go to a barbecue.

My chiropractor in Santa Barbara knows me. The person who answers the phone recognizes my voice most of the time. I rely on them to adjust me and keep me going to my next overindulgence adventure. I do not try to be this way, but I end up repeating the same patterns over and over again. However, I do not actually expect a different result, so at least I’m not insane.