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The Benefits of Hot Oil Treatments on Your Hair and Scalp. Among other ways of treating or conditioning of hair, hot oil treatment is the best. To treat hair that has been damaged or prevent the same, condition your hair using the hot oil method. A cap for having a shower, shampoo or a washing material like conditioner and kimono are some of the things you should have before starting your hot oil conditioning. Regardless of whether you do your treatment at a salon or not, please ensure it is done by a skilled person. So, what are the directions of having a hot oil treatment for your hair? Take your small glass container and pop it into a small bowl that’s filled with the hot water that will heat up your oil. Only some few minutes you will spend as you wait for your oil to heat. You should start massaging the oil into your scalp so as to give it some stimulation. You could start rubbing the oil on the temple area and work backward moving your fingers back and forth. There are various reasons why the oil is massaged onto the scalp. The scalp massaging using hot oil stimulates the circulation in the scalp which promotes hair growth. The massaging also helps the oil sink into your head making your skin refreshed. A new reinvigorating feeling for your body gets to you as you enjoy the hot oil scalp massage. After the scalp enjoys adequate oil stimulation; apply for a short duration the hot oil on your hair. The next thing you have to do is cover your head with a shower cap and then a hot towel. Use the hot towel to warm and open up the hair follicles and cuticles to allow the oil continue sinking in no matter what. After the towel starts to get cold, wait for 30 minutes to 2 hours. You can use relatively warm water enough to rinse the oil from your hair.The warmness in the rinsing water is important to reheat the oil and give your hair one last boost of extra moisturizing.
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After rinsing with warm water use enough shampoo to completely off your hair the oil. For those of you with long hairs, it is important to fold up the hair and wash the neck and rest of the back parts that have the oil. Finally ensure to dry up your hair in open air or with relatively warm dryer since extended exposure to hot air damages your hair.
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Apart from the above guide given in this article, other ways exist in which you can carry out the hot oil treatment. The hot oil treatment has many benefits to your scalp and hair as given below.