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Five Essential Considerations for Selecting a Video Production Company With literally hundreds of production companies these days, and finding the perfect one for you may just feel like a full-time job. You don’t want to spend a big amount of time and money, and then find out the final product isn’t quite an accurate reflection of your brand or business. The following are five considerations that can help you choose wisely: Genuine Interest
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Never decide unless you have spoken to someone at the company beforehand. It’s easy to see within the first few minutes whether they really care about your business or are just after your money. Take note of the questions they ask – are they relevant and specific to your company? Do they even ask questions? You need a company that is as invested as you are in making your video successful.
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Creativity and Originality Because of the large number of video production companies today, things can start to look, feel and sound all the same after some time. And if their videos look “same old” to you, that’s probably how they will look to your customers too. In short, look for a production company that works hard to come up with original work. This way, you can make your video or videos more unforgettable and noteworthy. If you’re not sure, asking the company to pitch a few ideas first, is smart. This simple exercise will let you in on their ability to whip up something special. Chemistry and Rapport You can get to know a company just by reading their blog, looking at their work, or speaking on the phone. Of course, nothing beats meeting them personally. You need to know if you have chemistry with these guys, or if you have the same work or business philosophies. If not, they may not accurately represent you and your culture. Quality of Production This is both a loaded and critical question. First off, you need your videos to look and sound professional. Take a look at some of their previous work. For live action, is the lighting sufficient? What about the quality of the sound? For animated videos, did they use custom or stock assets? Are they fluid and creative? There may be no right or wrong answers here. At the end of the day, you just have to decide if you like or don’t like their videos. Your Budget Video production is far from cheap, but it can also be the first – if not the only – thing people will connect to your brand and business, so you need to do it absolutely right.. Price is always a big consideration, but hopefully, it need not be the biggest. Think more of the benefits you get with the money you spend.