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The Benefits of Having Your Own Domain Name It has nowadays become a tricky affair to get a domain name that is catchy reason being the internet has grown in leaps and bounds. What is more, since there are probably other many folks thinking about the same name, it is now difficult to get your company a domain name that is a perfect match. All hope is however not lost because all you need is your own domain and highlighted here are reasons this is so. There have been cases where people forget their domain name. On the other hand, this is unheard of when it comes to own domain. This is for the reason that the uniqueness of the name makes it simple to recall. This might not be realizable when it comes to owning domains that are given for free. This is an ideal way of enjoying an extra more of effectiveness and reliability. Once you have your own domain, your visitors will feel a deeper sense of connection at a personal level. This is actually the answer to taking trust to the next level. In addition to this, the time spent here will definitely be more in comparison to free sites.
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This is the weapon that hands you freedom to do what you would want. What most folks do not know with free domains is that they run the risk of their blogs being shut down even without warning of any kind. Such an issue is impossible to come by with your own domain for the reason that you have the right to choose where your content is to be hosted. Feel free to consider another hosting service in case you are dissatisfied with the current one and the good thing is that your search engine ranking will not suffer in any way. Keep in mind that even if you were to move from one free hosting to another, you can almost be sure that you will lose traffic since you will be on a new site.
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It is important to know that search engines pass the credit to the primary domain names and this essentially means you are missing out when you incline towards free domains. It would in real sense be better to have your own domain for the reason that your blog becomes more authoritative in search engines. Conforming to this would actually be increasing the credibility of your site. It is not costly to own a domain and the process of setting up is really easy and it is for this reason that you need to invest in this. The above discussed are reasons why this would be a prudent decision.