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4 Common Air Conditioning Issues and Their Solutions. Troubleshooting an AC system is definitely is not simple since a lot of things can go wrong considering how complicated its system is. Nevertheless, learning a bit about some of the very common difficulties and solutions to these can help you know what to do if you notice such issues. Some typical issues that occur in many brands of air conditioners include:. o Weird noises – These noises often become the only background sound in that house, however, bigger difficulties can be indicated by them. The sounds are even louder especially when the unit is running at full speed. You need an expert to diagnose the cause of such noises. Mostly, this problem can be solved by lubricating the moving parts or re-adjusting or replace the fan belt.
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o Frozen coils – This issue seems scarier than the actual situation. You can try to melt the coil yourself but you also need to call in an expert at some point to check what induced the problem.
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o Water leakage issues – Leaking water can become a significant problem that turns into mildew and mold issues if it is left unchecked. The reason for this is usually the unit being unable to drain condensation water efficiently. Sometimes you might have to check the drain outdoors where clogging of the system can occur. The problem can be traced by a professional and easily solved. o Not cooling the air enough- There are various causes of these issue, but a diagnostician will have to come in and assist figure out what the trigger is. All air conditioners possess lots of parts that are in constant motion, and if they are not working in sync, the air cannot be cooled. The actual problem may range from not enough refrigerant to a need to get a totally new unit. These are not the only problems, but the many other issues are less common. Sometimes units end up getting a Freon leak, thermostat can stop working or a detector may have problems. Nothing is worse than having the AC system stop working unexpectedly in the summer heat. To avoid such incidences, it is recommended that you do regular maintenance and check-ups especially just before summer or preferably during spring. If you do find yourself in need of a new air conditioner, then just look at it in this manner. You will probably be decreasing your utility statement significantly by getting a brand new system in the event the other one is really old. The rule of thumb is in the event the machine is over 10 years old.