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What Is Aerial Video Photography All About? Aerial video photography is the type of photography that involves a camera being placed high above the subject to take pictures of it. To be able to capture aerial video photographs, a photographer must go up a helicopter, airplane, glider, or hot air balloon to capture the perfect shot. Alternatively, the camera alone can also be placed on a kite, tall pole, or balloon and have the picture taken with the use of a remote control. By making use of parachutes, space stations, rockets, satellites, dirigibles, or blimps, high level aerial video photography is made possible. It is important to bear in mind that it is not a requirement for the photographer to go up in the air with the camera to take an aerial video photograph. This is due to the fact that the photographer can just use a remote or an automatic control to take such pictures. There are several uses when it comes to aerial video photography. Architectural studies, real estate, mapping, environmental impact studies, military planning, surveillance, and motion picture production are just some of its many uses. A lot of people are surely no strangers when it comes to live blimp videos being taken in football stadiums. Pictures that are captured from the air are the ones being used in land use planning, commercial advertising, and real estate sales. Some of its new uses include art, pollution verification, internet searches, as well as property and animal surveys. You can also achieve a panoramic view of your subject from the air if you combine aerial photos to make one big photo of it. The result is surely one impeccable image. Even though a few problems could take place with aerial video photography such as registration and perspective, you do not have to worry about them if you get the services of a professional aerial video photographer. Model airplanes are also being employed to take aerial video photos. Getting aerial video photographs can be done with the use of a video camera or a still camera with remote controls, either with or without the presence of an operator.
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There are several professional aerial video photographers that you can hire. There are also several companies that have plane access that prefer getting aerial pictures of their own business establishments and buildings. Amateurs can also experiment with aerial video photography. This can be achieved by utilizing kites, model airplanes, as well as poles. Panorama cameras also play a significant role in aerial video photography. Because they come with extra wide angles, using them no longer requires the photographer to stitch together several pictures.
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When it comes to traffic control, aerial cameras are of great use because they will be able to provide a view from air of busy intersections. They also come in handy in providing aerial video shots of store roofs and casinos.